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fuel filter


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December 2, 2003
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96 Explorer
I know it isn't suppose to be hard to do but I am having one hell of a time disconnectting the lines to the fuel filter. Any ideas. I have a disconnect tool but it doesn't seem to help.

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When I did mine I pulled the fuse to the fuel pump and let the truck run till it ran out of gas. Then put your scuba mask on and yell and cuss until it comes off. It was a big pain for me too. Put I think getting the fuel pressure lowered will help.

To lower the fuel pressure just release the schrader valve under the hood (it's on your fuel rail and looks like a tire valve). Watch your eyes when you do it.

while after fight with it for a hour I finally got one end off hopefully the other end isn't as bad. It has no fuel pressure in the line

I believe that you have to push the tool in and then try to separate the fuel line from the filter. Is this what you did?

It finally came apart. Thanks for the help

The fuel line tool is used to open up the "Garter" springs in the fuel line. This spring is made up of a dozen or so fingers that grip the fuel filter barb. So insert the tool and press hard away from the filter and rotate the tool a little bit. The rotation helps get all the fingers since some tools don't fit around the pipe 100% (mainly the cheap plastic ones). After removing the filter inspect the garter spings inside the fuel line. They should be symetrical. If you had to pull "Overly" hard to get the filter off then a finger or two may still have been closed and could have bent.