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Fuel gage not working


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February 23, 2012
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2005 Ford Exoplorer XLT
I have an 05 explorer 4.0 flex fuel, last week my gas gage started acting up and i'm wondering if anyone knows how to check or fix the problem.
How do you know exactly what to check? I did the gage sweep which worked fine. My gage was stuck at 1/4 tank all week after moving slowly from F to 1/2 over the weekend, which it would randomly climb back up to full. I know when you put in 19 gallons you're not a 1/4 tank of gas. I had the check engine light come on, after i did the gage sweep with a P0463 code after doing the gage sweep, reset the code and it hasn't come back on since. So far I've put in four tanks of gas. Any info would be great on what to check and where the connectors/wires are located.