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Fuel Gauge 1993 Explorer


October 7, 2010
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'93 XLT
I'm assuming I have a bad sending unit but wanted to check here if anybody had a similar problem. When my explorer is off the fuel gauge read 1/4 tank. As soon as I turn it over it drops to E and stays there. Is this a bad float? Or just corrosion on the unit ruining the resistance?

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The float uses fills with fuel and causes the empty gauge.

No idea but that's where mine sits and it's fine... probably just the way the gauge sits.

Here is the best advice I've seen on this issue from a Ford Certified Technician on this forum. (Sorry, I don't remember who it was to give credit to him)

Disconnect the connector at the fuel pump, it will be at the rear of the tank driver side of course. On the harness side take a jumper wire and attach it to the yellow wire with white stripe down it and then ground the wire to the chassis (frame of vehicle), cycle the key off and then on it should go all they way to empty, then unground the wire and cycle key off then on again, now it should go all the way to full. If the guage does not respond relace it. If it does replace the sending unit. This is how us ford techs diag those fuel sending problems. Hope this helps ya.

The float uses fills with fuel and causes the empty gauge.

this was my problem. emptied the gas from the float, soldered the hole, go to go.
Lot cheaper than 90$ for a replacement. Just remember that's gas vapor in that float. Be damn careful.

this thread has another fix by Turdle