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Fuel gauge/light issues

Red 02

December 3, 2018
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2002 Explorer 4x4 4.0
2002 Explorer.

Intermittent failure of the fuel gauge and light on the instrument panel. This issue just started happening this week. Gauge reads empty and the warning light to check gauges comes on. No relation to outside temperatures. Seems to happen when the vehicle has been sitting overnight. Corrects itself at some point during travel and remains fine the rest of the day or trip.

Any thoughts guys? Have you seen this before? What was the fix?


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See if you have a P0463 code.

See if you have a P0463 code.
Thanks, will do when I get a chance. I did put some Techron 2 in the tank which is supposed to help with possible sulfur deposits that may cause this problem.

My gauge will read less than empty, trigger the CEL with a P0463. However, via my Ultra-Gauge plugged into my OBD2 port, I get a fuel reading, so I don’t think it’s the sending unit.

Thanks, the truck is getting a full rebuilt transmission now, when I get that done I will drive it some with the Techron and see if the problem still exists. I will also check the codes then.