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Fuel Gauge Question


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September 22, 2011
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93 Explorer Limited
My Fuel Gauge has been stuck at a quarter, i wasnt going to post a new thread, but everyone else with the problem says theirs is stuck on empty, it moved once a few weeks ago to half a tank, but i know that theres not even a quarter in there. i have no electrical experince with ohms or any of that stuff. any ideas?

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either the float is stuck or you have a bad ground

obviously the bad ground is an easy fix, but my tank has about a gallon or so in it now, anyway to unstick the float?

so i was outside looking at the truck today, and i noticed a flat wide wire that looks like a ground hanging down by the back driverside of the truck. could this be the ground to the gas tank? and if it is where do i bolt it to?

I would first identify if it is truly a ground. Then you need to identify where it goes. If you start grounding random wires you may be in for a world of hurt. A simple way to to try to un stick the float would be to leave the key on with the motor off and crawl underneath and bang the crap out of the tank with a rubber mallet. simple but effective.

The ground for the sender is one of the four wires going to the pump/sender unit in tank, not a ground strap. However, do not ignore the strap, it may be static prevention. The flow of filling the tank may cause a static discharge. You can imagine the rest.

If you put some "marvel mystery oil" or maybe even seafoam in the tank, it may clean the "stuck" float. You'll need to add enough fuel to cover the sender inside the tank though--at least 3/4 full.

The float might be sunk due to corrosion-holes, but usually this results in and empty reading.

turdle, the only reason i started a new thread was because i havent read or heard of anyone getting stuck at quarter. it had moved once months ago to half but that was just for a second. as for that ground, it connects up the neck of the fuel filler, any ideas what that could be? i can take a picture and post it if you guys want.