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fuel gauge


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October 16, 2012
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Long Island New York
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2005 Ford Explorer EB
Hello all have a question on the fuel gauge in dash. We bought this 2002 explorer for my niece and came up with 2 problems 1- front pass door window inop. S
And the fuel gauge stop working it cycles when key turn on but stays at empty any help would be great"

You have to put gas in the tank. Har har.
At start, the gauge will do a sweep. Sounds like the float or electronics to the float for the fuel pump is bad. It can be tested, outside the car. But that might be tricky if you haven't played much electronically. Though, replacing it would be something you could do.

Hello number 4, I filled tank also how can it be tested outside of truck

I was joking about filling the tank.
By testing outside the vehicle I meant dropping the tank and pulling the pump. Seeing as how the gauge does its sweep at start up, I'd say the problem is most likely with the pump.
Now, there is a TSB I believe, it talks about the quality of gas used. Arco gas vs Chevron etc.
And an event called slosh mode. Where after filling up of you put the key in and turn to on but not start. So, after a fill up always put the key in and go directly to start.
Either way, it's a pump problem.