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Fuel guage


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October 11, 2001
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2013 Explorer
My fuel guage wont work in my 1992 ford explorer anyone know how i can fix this and what i have to buy and where to buy it from:shoot:


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See fuel systems here: Dead Link Removed

Perform a search on this site for fuel gage. This topic has been hashed and rehashed a dozen times........

I noticed today that when i turned the ignition off the fuel gauge went up slowy to a 1/4 tank then when i turn the on it went back down to (E).Also can someone tell me where the fuse is to the fuel pump is I cant find out which fuse is where in the fuse panel.


Well into i can fix my fuel gauge can some one tell me how much miles i can get on a full tank of gas with my 1992 ford expolrer 4.0 V6.:bounce:

If you're not sure how much you were getting per tank, then I'd fill up every 250-300 or so.....

I get roughly 18mpg on the highway and around 13mpg in the city with a lot of sitting at lights. I fill up every 400 Km (250 mi) and that usually leaves me with +/- 10 litres (2 gal) in the tank as a cushion. My gas guage doesn't work either.:D

Thanks for the info,:cool:

I ran my '93 almost dry at 306. I try not to go past 250-275 to be safe, but that is dependent on how much I was in 4wd or pulling a trailer.

Badboy...Your gas gauge is not broken if it goes up when you turn your truck on and it goes up and down when its shut off. This is normal. Mine ('98 XLT) and my moms ('02 EB) does it.

When your fuel guage quits reading the level in the tank, 99% of the time it's going to be a faulty in tank sending unit. Sometimes they just go bad (especially ona 92= high mileage) Some of them actually get holes in the float and the float sinks to the bottom no matter how much gas you have. Regardless here is the solution:

1st: get under the truck. Look ontop of the fuel tank and make sure the wires going to the in tank pump are hooked up and clipped on tight. If so then your sendind unit is bad. Napa has them for about $85. You will have to drop your fuel tank to replace it, not as bad as it sounds, at least not on my 88 BII, took about 2 hours.

Rememeber we are dealing with a gas tank and gas fumes. After you empty the tank as much as possible, then drop it, then cover all the holes with duct tape until you are ready to install the new in tank unit. Use a RUBBER mallet and a wooden Dowl to turn the in tank pump. You dont want any sparks.

The Explorer uses a single high pressure fule pump in the tank, whereas my BII uses a low pressure boost pump in the tank and a high pressure pump on the frame rail (where your filter is) so your in tank high pressure pump may cost more then $85...

Good luck.,...