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fuel injector cleaner

Houston at NCSU

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November 2, 2000
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94' XLT 2WD
I did a search, and didnt come up with any previous discussions on this topic, so hopefully this is really a new thread. What is the best fuel additive to clean injectors with? is the expensive stuff worth it? or does walmarts 0.78$ stuff work just as well?

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Come on, someone out there knows something about it????

I dunno. Personally... I dont believe the stuff works. but I buy lots of it! :) Id like to see if anyone has done a real before and after on the stuff.


A friend of mine with a Bronco told me after using the expensive stuff for years trying to clean his, he still had to replace the fuel injecters so I dont really know. I stoped buying it.

The best stuff, according to my mechanic in CA, is Chevron's Techron. He said he rebuilt an engine for someone who had used it religiously, and the internals were so clean you could eat off of it. Can't get it out here in Michigan though :(.



I second that about Techron. I use it in all my vehicles. I put a bottle in after the 3K oil change, K&N clean, MAS clean, TB clean, reset computer, go fill up with gas and add a bottle of techron. Besides the Sploder, my other son has a 95 Ranger w/66K, 93 Volvo w/67K, Chevy POS10 w/66K (seems odd that all the vehicles have about 66-67K on 'em HHhhmmm)
Have been using Techron since early 90s. I also favor Chevron gas which has the additive Techron in it. Have NEVER had a problem w/injectors on these or any previous vehicles I have used it in.
my .02

Mike, why can't you get Techron in Michigan? I get it at PepBoys, Advance, AutoZone...near 'bout anywhere. I have purchased it in NY,NC,FL. Do you have Chevron gas available there?, If so, the station also has it.

I use AMSOIL PI (Performance Improver) religiously.

Dissolves and removes fuel system deposits and other contaminants for improved power and overall performance in gasoline engines. Reduces PCV and EGR system deposits. Reduces exhaust emissions (tests show up to 90 percent reduction). Improves engine idle, response and starting.

An initial clean-up dose of six ounces for ten gallons of gasoline restores up to 95 percent of an injector's original fuel flow. Periodic maintenance doses of one ounce for ten gallons of gasoline keep injectors and other fuel system components clean. Product Code: API

It costs about the same as the stuff you would by at the parts store but it's concentrated so a bottle will go a long way.

Is fuel injector cleaner like kerosene on speed? The cleaner I use is made by the same company that makes my octane booster(outlaw), ive never had problems. But who am i to say it helped or didnt because I only use it as a precautionary measure.


I hear Redline makes the best real stuff...

Chevrons Techron is definitely one of the best petrols out there, but I was never too hot on buying the techron seperately..also, if you use a good brand of gas already that has mucho detergents, adding more isnt always a good idea. Best thing is prolly to just pick some of your fav cleaner next time youre gonna take a long trip, and use it when you fill up at an off-brand station...otherwise just use the high-end stations are youre set. Also consider running 92-95 octane once in awhile as well for a cleaning kinda effect.

I've yet to set foot inside an auto parts store here in MI except for one time last year when I had to buy new wiper blades. Since we have no Chevron stations here I just assumed that it wasn't available. I'll have to go looking for some. I'm also interested in the AMSOIL recommendation. AgExplorer, are these your personal experiences (smoother idle, better starting, etc.) or are these just the manufacturer's claims?



Hmm...I use Chevron Premium gas 100% of the time... and ocasionally will put a additive in to boot. Never had an injector problem... but just had an EGR problem... and when I had my heads off... I had a HARD deposit on my pistons... It was so smooth and hard I couldnt get it off with a jackhammer though... so who knows how long thats been there... other than that though... it seemed kinda clean. :)



Both. You just can't go wrong with any AMSOIL product. : )

Hmm... I thinkg AgExplorer might be the wrong person to ask about Amsoil. :) Kinda like asking Matt what the best light is... :)


Put some ATF in your tank. There was a post about this before. I dunno exactly how much to put in, but i'd think like a quart for 20 gal. Anyway it'll clean ur injectors out.


Man... I misunderstood and filled the entire tank with ATF... the thing doesnt want to work now! I bet it shifts smooth as hell though...