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Fuel Injector leaking


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December 11, 2001
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02 F250/Zuk twins
Just wondering if you can use silicone to stop an injector from leaking. The problem started when I had the cam-tensioner warrenty work done and I didn't realize it until after the warrenty for the work was out of date. I'm down to the injector now, but don't have another o-ring, don't know if one one that's in there is mis-aligned or bad. Just thought silicone might be an easier fix.


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I wouldn't suggest it.

save yourself some trouble in the future, and get a couple of new o-rings at napa. They might be a dollar...

Yeah I decided to just change 'em all. Cost $9 I think for 12 o-rings. Simpler than I thought to do. Everything is A-OK now! :D

Glad everything worked out. For other people who might read this later down the road, do not use silicone! Use only lithium grease to grease up the o-rings.