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Fuel injector replacement leads to running rich


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January 4, 2023
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Calgary, Alberta
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2002 ford explorer XLT v6
Hey everybody, first time post!

I've been fixing up my fiances explorer and the most recent surprise has been fuel injector 2 has died (p0202, p0302), open inside injector and I have good reading from plug. Decided to buy a full set on Amazon (sorry, have a smoke or a joint if it bothers you 🤣) as it is getting up there in age and if it happened to one, it could happen to another. Went ahead and replaced the set, checked and all injectors read good, put everything back together and she started! No misfire, no code, idled fine. I smiled and stepped back for a minute, and enjoyed it.

But then after a few minutes it chugs once, comes back to idle, and then dies fully (with codes p1132 and p1152, 02 sensor codes). I've tried restarting it and it goes fine, until it chugs, returns to idle and dies again after a few minutes. I've looked for a vacuum leak, a sensor unplugged or corroded, and I've tried putting down some throttle which has kept it running for longer. I have a few theories but I figured I'd come here and shoot some questions off.

While I was removing the fuel rail, stupid me hadn't covered the holes yet and fuel went down cylinder 2 and 3's intake holes. I soaked up and blew out everything I could from all of the cylinders when I was done. My question is if there was still fuel that went through unburned, and got an 02 sensor coated, would that make it shut down the engine after a few minutes due to rich condition? No misfire or fuel injector codes, just running rich and dies. Sprayed around engine for vacuum leak and found nothing to change the rpm while running. Im scratching my head and I'm about to pull these 02 sensors to check em. Figured I would put this out into the forum to see if there was some ideas to try