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fuel injector ticking really loud

February 20, 2010
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Michigan City IN
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1994 exploerexlt
when i start my exploder up there is a really loud ticking noise on the passenger side . i unhooked the serpentine belt the noise is still there. then i got the stethescope out and it is the injector on cylinder #2 does really loud injectors mean they are bad? or about to go? also when i put my scanner on it to check the cylinders it says cylinder 2 is not contributing. it idles perfect. but you can hear a miss in the exhaust. could this be a bad, partially working injector? also cyl 2 has 130 pounds of pressure. is that enough to fire the cylinder? all other cylinders have 180 to 190 pounds of pressure. thank you for your replies.

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Usually you expect compression on all 6 cylinders to be within +/- 10% low to high. It looks like cylinder #2 has some issue. Most of the time when someone gets on cylinder low like that, the next step is to squirt some oil into the cylinder and repeat the compression test. If the low cylinder comes up after squirting oil in, it suggests the rings are bad. If it doesn't make a difference, there could be a valve issue.

Thank you MrShorty for your reply. when i got this exploder it was horribly taken care of. but i have done alot of work to it. synthetic oil and it does not burn a drop, to my surprise. if the rings were bad wouldn't it burn oil? i changed it to mobil 1 when i bought it changed at 3000 miles to be safe and it was full. now royal purple 10w40 still full after 1000 miles. i guess the thing that really bothers me is that the code reader saying that cyl 2 is basically dead. i will squirt oil in there tomorrow and check it again. from what i have read on here and it is alot MrShorty U THE MAN.............thanks again:salute:

well i squirted oil in the cylinder and tested it, it is still 130psi. so i assume my valves are bad. is there anything i can put in the oil, gas to help it? till i get the time and money to fix it. or will it be ok to drive like it is for now. i do quite a bit of highway driving and dont want it to die on me there. thank you

It could be.
A)burnt valve-This is what I'm betting on
B)Bent valve
C)bad lifter
D)Head gasket,but I doubt it.
So you have a choice,pull the head or drive it.If it runs ok and doesn't burn oil and smoke like a freight train drive it until you get some cash saved up.Also make sure it's not using coolant.
If a valve is burnt it wont hurt anything to commute with it,just don't get stupid and run the hell out of it.:D