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September 20, 1999
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When I was taking off the fuel rail on my 93 ford explorer 4.0 a couple of the fuel injectors came with it. A lot of mud and grease was on the intake manifold and I can see peices of dirt on the ends of the fuel injectors. Some of the dirt might have gotten into the fuel rail. What should I do? Is there some place I can go to get the injectors checked and cleaned? Or should I just buy new injectors $$$$?

Thanx for your help,

Hmm..good question. Fuel injectors need to be as clean as possible to function well. I would be pretty nervous if I got crud into mine. How many mile do you have maybe this would be a good time to replace all the injectors.

Well my truck's only got 67000 miles on it, but it has a rough idle that many people seem to think is caused by clogged fuel injectors. I'm willing to spend the money to be on the safe side, but I was wondering if there was a way to get the injectors checked. So that i dont have to spend so much money.