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Fuel Leak at inline connector hose.


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July 19, 2019
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2002 Sport Trak
I'm new at this so be nice.
I have a 2002 Sport Trak that I bought new in 2002. I have had very few problems wit this truck.
Yesterday I was going to big box home store and I smelled gasoline as I was driving. After investigation I found that fuel was leaking(spraying) from the hose that goes from the inline connector to the fuel line.
I have been searching the internet for this hose and I cannot find any reference to it anywhere. I am going to the local Ford dealer this morning to see if they have one.
If anyone knows where I can get this hose I would appreciate it.


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Ralph, welcome to the forum. Any luck finding the hose at the dealer? Picture of the leaking hose?.

No, unfortunately the Parts department is closed on Saturday.
I spent some time yesterday trying to figure out how to get the hose off. It looks like it is crimp on, on both ends. One end goes to the inline connector(pix inclosed) and the other end goes to the fuel line.
Tks for the response and any help you can give.


there are two O rings in there, you can replace them and likely fix your leak

You need ford fuel line release tools in order to get that fitting apart. It is a press lock type fitting, when you press the two lines together a little round spring drops down and locks them together, You need a tool that goes in there and releases the spring by opening it up, then you can pull the two lines apart.
You will want to de pressurize the fuel system first so you don't get sprayed with fuel..... there is a shraeder valve (like a tire uses) on top of the engine located on the fuel rail below the upper intake plenum, you can depress the valve to let any excess pressure out. With a leak right there I would not try to start then engine until it is fixed

Here is the tool and how to video for you


Thanks for the response. I will probably need the tool so I'll go try to find one today.
I am sending another pix of where the leak is exactly. If you look at right side of the inline connector, you will see a hose that attaches weigh what looks to be crimped connector. You will notice a white fray on the edge of the connector. That is the leak.


The "HELP" section at auto part stores have fuel injection line repair kits, if they have an application for you car, that is yet to be know, but I have found them for other vehicles. Or, you can go to a salvage yard and find a car same as yours and remove the entire length of line to replace your damage one (my preferred method), this way you retain the complete factory design, look, and function as before.

yes that is a bad spot to develop a leak.
You SHOULD replace the line from there down to the filter
That fuel line is pressurized with over 60# of fuel pressure

Any 99-2004 explorer sport or sport trac will have that line, 99-01 explorer will have it also

Thanks to all. I got the inline connector loose and tried to do a repair on the the hose. I haven't been successful in that endeavor as of yet. I am going to a salvage yard today and try to find one, wich I agree is to best way to repair this.

Had a similar problem, repaired mine. You need to cut off fitting at spring lock to fit nylon line and protective cover. The other end I put new fitting to fuel filter. Parts used are below.