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Fuel leak @ supply to fuel rail


October 15, 2010
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'91 Sport
Well, fresh from replacing my fuel pump, fuel relay, EEC relay, and my ECU, my Explorer actually started and ran for the first time in about a year and a half!

BUT... After rejoicing and letting it purr for about 2-3 minutes while I moved my Fusion from behind it, there had been a fuel leak that left a pretty good puddle in my garage...
After belting out a few expletives, I immediately turned it off and got the mess cleaned up. At first I couldn't tell where the fuel was coming from, but it was the front end, so I put a pan under the Explorer and started it up again.


This connection is where the fuel was coming from. I assume it's the fuel supply, and it's connected to the fuel rail.
It's a strange looking connection and I don't want to break it, so I was wondering if anyone knows what it's called and how to remove/replace it?
Any help is ALWAYS greatly appreciated. My Explorer is a '91 Sport, 4.0L.

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Can you get another picture, a little farther away. I "think" that is the connection on the top of the Fuel Pressure Regulator on a 1991, but I can't tell.

If so, there is an o-ring on the FPR that seals the fuel line to the FPR.

Only the 1991 has that style connection. They changed it to a normal threaded fitting in 1992. You can actually change that hose and the FPR to the threaded style. You just need to find a used line from a junk yard. The FPR with the threaded fitting is much easier to find and is cheaper when they go bad.


So, this pic is with the plastic protective collar removed. It's hard to tell, but the braided line connects to the same part that the pressure check fitting is on. I'm new at all of this, but based on what I've read, I can only assume this is the fuel rail..?


The braided line has a different 'quick disconnect' fitting on the other end, it looks similar, but it is larger.


Ok, now I know what that is. That is the Fuel pressure regulator which is connected to the fuel rail.

I've never had to take that fitting off on a 1991, but I know its some kind of "clip". On the 1992-1994 its threaded with a nut type connection at the FPR and the same funky ford fitting on the other end which uses a fuel line disconnect tool.

IIRC Dannyboy has taken that fitting off the fuel pressure regulator before. BUT, IIRC he ended up switching it to a 1992 style during the process.


So I'm having the same problem. But it mine looks like it is leaking from the connector that is between the fuel line that runs under the cab and to the regulator.

looking for a replacement from fuel pressure regulator to fist male quick connector at the swirly standoff section or something that leads all the way to the first junction on the frame … its the return line but what do you use in place of the brass fitting on the regulator ?