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fuel line leaking


December 6, 2010
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98 Sport
hey guys i just got a 98 explorer sport v6 sohc and the top braided fuel line is leaking from the drivers side.
where do i get this braided fuel line from all i can seem to find is hard plastic lines that do not look like they can make the bends needed to hook up to the fuel rail
and do i need any special tools to replace this line besides a quick disconnect tool?

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come on guys nobody can help me out? I'd like to get this done tomorrow so i can put the explorer off the road and put my cobra way for the winter, saw my first flurries today and don't feel like getting stuck in the snow

ford cost 600 bucks and only the hawaii dealership has it, and rockauto, napa, all those other stores around me do not have it
its not just a braided line it looks likes its pressed onto the fuel regulator

well i had moreland and hose, a local shop by me fab use my old connections and replace this line for 50 bucks