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Fuel Lines


February 19, 2002
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Minneapolis, MN
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1992 Eddie Bauer 4dr 4x4
From the looks of things the fuel delivery systems on these things are all reaching their prime, I've never seen so many related threads!

Anyways my Ex is out of hibernation and the last few years have taken their toll. I just don't have the heart to have it towed away. Anyways the first thing I noticed when I fired it up this year was a lot of fuel leaking from the rear. I determined it to be the sending unit on the top of the tank. It rusted right though one of the supply lines. My issue is that when disconnecting the tank one of the lines on the top of the sender, I think it is the return line, it simply snapped off at the locking connector (Steel braided flex tube). It was that rusted and rotten. I have been trying to get it free but I'm not having a lot of luck. I am wondering if anyone has any idea where to get replacement fuel lines. From the looks of things they should actually be pretty easy to replace at this point with the tank dropped. There is another quick disconnect near the fuel filter and the lines themselves are just clipped in with some plastic retaining clips. My issue is that I simply cant find the lines anywhere and according to Ford they are unavailable. After calling a few junk yards too they all clip the lines to meet some sort of regulation, of course they didnt know WHERE they clipped them just that they are clipped.

Anyone have any ideas? Since this is a high pressure line I know I'm not supposed to patch it in with rubber fule line. If anyone is parting out I would pay to get some used lines, from the looks of things the lines themselves should be in great shape if you can get them out as the lines themselves don't corrode.