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Fuel Pressure low/loss


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April 30, 2014
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1992 Ford Explorer 4wd
My 94 explorer will not start every time now.
If I turn the key to on, the fuel pump will turn on and prime the system to 40 psi, and the engine will start. If from the the off position, i turn it all the way to start the engine, it will not add any pressure, and will not start.
Engine cranks every time i try to start, just obviously acts like the tank is empty when i try to start with out turning to the on position for a couple seconds to bring up enough fuel pressure.

Vacuum is ok, and no fuel in it.

While running at idle it will hold pressure at 32 psi.

After turning the engine off, the pressure drops to zero in about 45 seconds.

I have already replaced the pump, sending unit, filter and regulator this week.
Also plugs and wires were since I was time to do so anyways.

Plugs were dry when i replaced them.

Any help would be great.