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Fuel problem


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July 18, 2006
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I have a 1992 Ranger, 3.0 eng, 2wd. The truck has been sitting for 4 years, and when I try to start I get no fuel pressure to fuel rails. I do get a small amount of gas to bleed out the schrader valve, but no pressure. I replaced the fuel filter, it was stopped up and I couldn't blow through it, but this didn't fix problem of no fuel. Before I either remove the bed or drop the fuel tank to access the fuel pump, I want to determine if the fuel pump is the problem. I have 12 volts going to the fuel pump relay and at the inertia switch I have 10 volts until I jumper the connection to the fuel pump, then the voltage drops to 0 volts. Does this indicate a bad fuel pump? I can't hear it run when ignition is turned on, but there is a small amount of fuel going to the fuel rail.
I also tried running 12 volts from battery to the wire leaving intertia switch,the only acessible place that I know of, that goes to fuel pump and had my wife listen at gas tank filler pipe with cap off, she could not hear pump running. Also which is the better way to access fuel pump, removing bed or dropping tank?
Thanks for your help. Foz