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Fuel Pump Advise


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September 2, 2011
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I'm looking to replace the fuel pump on my 2000 Mountaineer 5.0 RWD.

In looking on-line for what's available, there are a lot of choices and price points. I don't want the cheapest, but I don't want the most expensive either. The middle price range seems to be around $50-$70 dollars, but it seems each different pump (and sometimes the same pump) comes with different pieces. For example, an AC Delco pump (PN E2158) is shown with the pump, rubber pump insulator, filter/strainer, electrical plug adapter, butt connectors, a short piece of fuel line and 2 hose clamps for $69.99 w/free shipping. It does not include a new tank seal. This kit looks fairly complete, but I don't know if I'm likely need a new tank seal (around $15) or whether I should be able to reuse my old tank seal, if undamaged.

Other options listed range from the pump only to a variety of pumps with different additional pieces like the strainer, plug adapter, an assortment of tank seal o-rings (none if which look like the one my vehicle uses) and a flex-ie straw looking plastic hose, range from $26 to well over $100.

I can wait until I've pulled the tank and pump before ordering a replacement pump, but can anyone who has recently replaced their pump give me some advise as to what pieces I'll likely need?


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Koda 2000, I have NO experience with a 2000, only with my 96. I will say when I changed my pump I ended up buying the whole assembly from NAPA for $123.00. Included the pump, plastic housing and sock. All I had to do was transfer the fuel sending unit and splice two wires. In my case there were a number of pumps available, but for vehicles assembled in Mexico, not in the US. Mine was assembled in KY. I know that others have said this is not true. But believe me, do you think I would have spent $123.00 if I could have gotten a pump for $50.00? This is in Prescott Valley, Az. I don't know about the rest of the country, or where you are located. And I got a FederalMogul pump, not some Chinese made pump. I hope this may help . Oh, and by the way, I cut the access hole under the rear seat. And damn glad I did.

deweyville65, Based on your experience (and other advise I've read on the site) I think I'm going to try the following:

1. Get the tank as empty as possible
2. Try dropping the tank, as I have zero rust issues on this truck and all the tools I could possibly need. (I can always cut the floor if absolutely necessary, but would prefer not to).
3. Remove the FP assembly and examine it to see if it makes sense to try to just remove the pump from the assembly, or replace the whole mess. many other's here have successfully just replaced the pump, and I'm a pretty resourceful guy.
4. buy and install whatever I have to, getting as much quality for as little expenditure as possible.

This is kinda a spare vehicle, so if it takes me a week, or more, to get the job done it's not a problem, and the exercise will give me experience for my other 2 X's.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

ah, the luxury of another vehicle. If I had that, I would go your route too. There were a number of pumps available, but none, at least here anyway, that would work without a lot of modifying. And I don't have the resources I once had. I tell you, I have done so much with so little, that I could do most anything with almost nothing. Wish I still had my little "junk" pile available. Have fun!