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Fuel Pump Discussion


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August 31, 2009
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Millbury, OH
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1996 XLT - 347 S/C
Ok, I've hit a road block with my project. Im doing a 5.0 swap with engine upgrades and a 4406 transfercase swap on my 96 4 door Explorer. So in doing so, I need the 2 door gas tank and a high out put fuel pump. So step 1, I got a Walbro 255 fuel pump with the supercharger kit i got from a member on here. But, to me surprise the Walbro pump I have will NOT fit in the stock location of my original fuel pump. My is the one that has the plastic "bucket" on the end where the fuel pump sits. I found out that I require a different Walbro pump for my application.. Ok, fine.. but I also want to replace my fuel sending unit to avoid any possiblity of my fuel gauge quiting a year from now or the wiring completely dry rotting.

Question is, can I use a fuel sending unit from a different year truck or even buy one that is designed for the mexico models? In 96, Motorcraft offers 3 different units depending on if the explorer was a 4 door, a 2 door, or a mexico model? One difference I see is that the mexico one doesn't have the plastic bucket on it and the others do.

What is the difference between a 4 and 2 door sending unit?