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Fuel Pump Float AGAIN


June 13, 2000
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Philadelphia, PA
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2002 XLT 4.6L V8
My fuel pump float went yesterday (second time in a year and a half). The gauge was going up and down like before. Instead of doing all of that work to replace a stupid float for a second time or looking at the mileage counter all of time, is there something easier and safer (running out of gas) beause the early models do not have a gas light. Is there an easy fix out there somewhere like connecting a warning light or somethin? Thanks.

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I'd like to know too

My gas guage stopped working over 6 months ago, I go buy the tripometer for now. I assume mine is the float too, but I haven't gotten around to dropping the tank yet. Is that tough on the Explorer, I have done it on a older blazer but not on a explorer.

What's the mileage on your trucks - wondering if I have to start worrying about that soon.

135,000 miles.

Our Gas Guage died recently. I haven't had a chance to check if it is in the tank or the guage. We have 207k+ miles on our 1992 now..

My fuel gage died today. It was on E, put 20 bucks in, still stayed on E. Now my question, how do you fix it? And will it be a pain in the butt job. Thanks guys
Mike I have 100,500 mi. on my truck

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Check to see if there is any current running to the gauge. If there is, then it is either the guage itself or the float. If no juice, the sending unit is probably shot. To fix the float/sending unit, you'll have to drop the gas tank. If you're lucky, the little floating ball may have developed a pinhole leak (very common problem) and sunk to the bottom. When you pull the fuel pump/sending unit, check that first. If it's not the float, I believe the sending unit has to be replaced along with the fuel pump (they come as one piece).

Mine is also dead but the other day I ran out of gas and when I put some in the gauge was working but now that I don't have anymore I think it's dead again but since it's still in the shop I don't know so I guess it would be a hole in the float.

I don't know about the pre-95s, but on the 95+. there is no way to damage the float short of crushing it. It's a rigid plastic material with a closed cell foam type material inside. If it's ruptured, you know it when you go to install it... (makes a skunk smell like perfume!) It's all but impossible to have one just spontaneously go bad. Now, it is possible for the float arm to get stuck, however... not likely, but a possibility....

Speaking of '95 Explorer fuel gauge problems, my float works but I think its off. I have the Sport and should have a 19 gallon tank from what I understand, but when the fuel gauge needle hits empty and my gas light comes on I can only put 16 gallons in the tank MAX! Anyone know what thats all about.

P.S. just found this board. BEST YET!

Fuel Tank

I have heard that the float assembly is almost as much as the float assembly and the fuel tank together. I don't know if this is generally ture, or if it is even true for the Explorer. I have 125,000 and mine went out. Parked itself on E. A few days it revived itself, but it still does not seem accurate. As is the case for most of the posters to this topic, I have not had the chance to find and fix this problem. My question is in regards to the pricing of the fuel tank and assembly. Also, has anyone seen a bigger fuel tank? I believe I saw an add for a 25 gallon one in Four Wheeler, but I have not seen the add recently. I figure that I might as well put in a bigger fuel tank as long as I have to pull my old one.


You do have the 19 gal tank... the industry standard is to activate the idiot light when there are 3 gallons left... 16+3=19. :) Also, the angle of the truck will influence how much gas it will take (because of the position of the filler neck and vent tube). After the pump clicks off for the final time, if I slam the door shut to dislodge any air bubbles, and rock the truck a little bit, I can squeeze another gallon in. Works every time! :)

Welcome to the site Braden. Glad you found us!

Gijoecam is correct about the light and the angle of the truck. If I'm on 1/4 and facing downhill, can put 17G in. If I'm facing uphill, 13G. Makes trying to get accurate MPG readings a pain!