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fuel pump/gauge problem


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September 3, 2015
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Clearwater florida
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2002 explorer eddie bauer
Ok I bought my explorer 6 months ago and the fuel gauge never worked so I replaced the entire gas tank sending unit and all and it still didn't fix the gauge. So I thought it was the gauge. Got a new cluster and it still doesn't work. So I put my old cluster back in and took apart my old tank and fuel pump and tested the sending unit for ohm resistance. And came back with no resistance thru all arm levels. However there is this sensor or module thing attached to the sending unit wires. I removed this and then tested the same lines and bingo I got readings that varied as I raised and lowered the arm. I jumped the connector
for the sending unit and raised and lowered the arm and the fuel gauge moved up and down. Now my question is what is that little module thing, and can I remove it from the one I just put in and not have any issues? Any help is greatly appreciated thank you. You can see it tapped around the wire loom in the picture a few inches from the connector.


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i have the same problem, just replaced fuel pump and now gauge doesnt work and the tank wont accept gas, fills up the hose and then trickles in slowly

im about to go check the fuel pump and gauge fuses

and i have no idea why it wont take new gas

fuse wasnt blown.

still screwed in same boat with you

my guage wont work, throwing code for fuel pump circuit sending high input

and my tank wont take any gas. i believe i did one of the clips wrong becaause i can hear and smell a vapor leak. could this cause the valve at the back of the tank to not take in any gas??

anyone have an opinion?

I have a similar issue, but have not yet had the opportunity to go to the lengths you have. My wife's 2004 Ford Explorer Limited 4.6 V8's fuel gauge appears to work in reverse. It goes to below empty when filled with a full tank (22 gal). The info window then will read "Low Fuel Level" until we drive for a few days, then the gauge will work it's way up to a 1/4 tank, and the info window returns to normal... well, except the Distance Until Empty is now way off.
Shortly after hitting 1/2 tank, the fuel gauge then pegs to full a full tank and the truck now thinks it's actually empty until a gallon is added; when at full it won't even start until fuel is added. I've learned that at this point the tank actually has about 7 gallons in it.
I've heard that a sulfur buildup can cause this, so I ran a couple of bottle of Teckron in the tank to no avail.

Could be a capacitor so indication moves slow and not jump up and dowm

I've always wondered if it was part of the PATS System \ Mine Has.. system, Gauges Fine, Sudden Gas gauge stops, light comes on, Turn Ignition off \ Turn Ignition on Works Again. Just Stops Whenever. Weak Relay?.Wrong Fuse Size too Small?., Sudden use power drain of something else on Circut/? Like That Many Years.