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Fuel pump inertia switch


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July 26, 2004
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Trying to put in a kill switch - my Chilton's manual is difficult as hell to figure out sometimes. What I need to know is if the device in the picture below is the fuel pump inertia switch. The first photo shows the location, the second is the device.



Thanks in advance.

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Sweet. Thanks.

dang your trucks clean

It's been sparkling since the Englishtown auto show a few months back. From September until April, it was a muddy, sandy wreck. :D

dont lie, that cant be your truck :p:

Want a picture under the hood? That's the proof that it's seen mud. The rest is spotless. :D

Edit: Neverrrrmind.

Don't cut that wiring or disconnect that inertia switch. That's in the path of the trigger signal for the fuel pump. I don't know what you had in mind, but you could use another inertia switch to install in the wiring for the engine. Don't you want the kill switch to be within easy reach?

Don, what's your reasoning?

He said he cut it 6 inches away from the fuel pump inertia switch on the pink wire. I was planning on cutting the same spot, and wiring in a loop to a toggle switch mounted by the drivers seat, running the wiring behind the console.

ahhhh i get it now lol. Id make 100% sure all connections are soldered well and use heat shrink tube. That is not a connection you want to come undone either offraod or on the street....:eek:. But good info for sure i will be doing this very soon myself.

I see where you are going, directly into that circuit. I thought that you wanted to add a switch, that being the inertia switch.

I thought of adding an inertia switch somewhere that could be "hit" to kill the circuit. Go down there to the inertia switch and tap it hard with the side of your hand, or a tool handle. That kills the circuit, the red plunger pops up. Push it down with your finger to reset it.

Just as an update, this has been working flawlessly. A very simple mod for extra security. You should be able to pull the entire thing off in a few hours. :thumbsup:

Ok, here in my country, Dominican Republic sometimes we use another choice of fuel, like Propane Gas, that gas that we use in the kitchen for example, but i have one of that system in my jeep, but this system when i start my jeep explorer it will start in normal gasoline, i mean with the fuel pump, and then with temperature increase and the rpms increase, then system changed to PGL (Propane Gas Licuate), then the thing its that it doesn't start in normal fuel but starts ok in PGL, now i want to know where is locate exactly the fuel pump, and wich one its that fits in the FORD EXPLORER 02 EDDIE BAUER 4.0L V6,
i can apreciate Pictures better than any explanations, thanks again.