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Fuel pump inertia switch


December 2, 2006
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I just performed a fuel pressure test and everything seems fine. It reads 35 psi with ignition on and 29-30 psi when the engine is running. I am now suspecting the problem is the Fuel pump inertia switch since the vehicle shuts off when making a sharp left turn. I checked the continuity at the switch and sometimes it has continuity and sometimes it doesn't. I'm not sure if I'm testing this properly. Green/Yellow and ground wire have continuity when the red button is in and none when the button is out. Is there a way for me to jump the wires at the switch or bypass the switch so I can test drive it. I really don't want to waste money on a switch if it turns out to be something else.

I will be buying the kit below if all else fails :D


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Assuming there are only 2 wires on the plug to the switch, you should be able to jumper those 2 wires together thus negating what the switch does. You should have the plug disconnected from the switch when doing this.

he did and it still shuts off!

Is the inertia switch popping out when you make the hard left?
If not, then the switch isn't your problem.
The test you performed verified the switch to be working properly.
It's a mechanical switch and if it's not popped out, the circuit is completed.

Have you replaced the fuel pump relay?

No I have not. Where is the relay located and how do I test it. Thanks

Inertia switch is working properly.

The FP relay is located in the power distribution box in the engine compartment. You can test it by switching it with one of the other relays in the box. Use the AC relay if it's there. Do not use the PCM relay as the fuel system depends on that one as well as the FP relay. Check this link out and scroll down to the right pictures:


he did and it still shuts off!

He doesn't say that Jamie.

You know, I have had this exact same thing happen on a couple of Ford's I have owned. I have often wondered if it's something in the tank baffling that is causing it.

New Fp Not pumping

Hey guys im new to this site and just wanna take everyone for all there help..

I have 95 eb new fuel pump 2 new relays pcm and fuel pump. Inertia switch seems fine. dont know how to bypass it cuz theres 3 wires not two like everyone on her talks about. Am i missing something. The pumps not priming like it should and theres no power to the pump.

Im not to sure where and how to test. please help me out i cant get to work tomorrow.....................

This Site is Wonderful

On the 24th of Oct I was given a 91 Explorer xlt and you posts have helped me solve my new problem thanks.