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Fuel Pump Relay, Power Dist. Box, '99


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November 30, 2011
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1999 Explorer Eddie Bauer
Hi everyone,

1999 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0L SOHC 134k miles

I've been having fuel pump issues of late, but it does not appear to be the fuel pump itself, as the problem is intermittant. It will occasionally turn over but not start (fuel pump silent), but it when it does, it runs flawlessly.

I've been told it may be the Fuel Pump Relay in the Power distribution box by the dealer. I've read that this lies in the #5 position within it. However this position has a narrower relay in it than the one given in the auto parts store. When I found the relay that matched it and replaced it, they said it was the Fuel Injection relay.

There are two relays that match the size given at the parts store, but these are listed as the PCM and Starter.

Any thoughts on this?

Thank you!

Here's the diagram sticky

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You can swap the relay temporarily with another one in the box (I think the horn relay was the same type) I did this to test my fuel pump relay, since I seem to be having the EXACT same symptoms as you. In my case the relay didn't seem to help at all, still the same (and seems like it's doing it more often as time goes on)

Mine is a '01 xlt 4.0 SOHC

did you...

ever get this resolved? I'm having problems with my 99 ranger ohv 4.0 of the same sort. ECM and FP relays are good. Im not getting power to the fuel pump (or the in line inertia cutoff switch for that matter), but it seems to get worse with time and when the temps are lower.

thanks in advance...


I was having every morning "no start" issues where it recovers with a turn ignition to accessory and back, it starts. I danced the relays next to the brake master cylinder and have only had one no start in 2 months but, the 4 wheel high / 4 wheel low started blinking. I need to find the map for the 99 Ranger relays.

your owners manual should give the locations of all the fuse and relays both under the hood and in the cabin