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Fuel Pump replacement tips


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July 8, 1999
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Gaithersburg, Maryland
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04 Rubicon w/stuff
Ok I dropped the tank on my Navajo to replace the fuel pump assembly today. I had a bad sender.
So Ill pass these tips along FWTW

1. when you buy the pump assembly buy a new locking ring- mine was rusted beyond reuse, and after I was finished beating on it even if it wasnt rusty I couldnt have used it. I should have thought about this before I started... next time.!

2. Getting the fuel lines off the tank- I dropped the tank and had a difficult time getting the fuel line fitting tool in the fitting. Out come the tin snips and off come the lines- I cut the tubes coming out of the pump assembly right at the base. pulled the tank out to install the pump. Then I was able to get back under the truck and see the mud and dirt that had built up in the fitting - cleaned it out and popped the fittings off what was left of the supply and return tube.


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September 10, 2001
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Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada
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92 XL 4X4
Tapping on the bell of the fuel line connector will usually loosen most of the mud. Follow with a rinse of WD40 directly into the bell area. Rotating the release tool as you push it in against the spring also helps.

A good shot with compressed air can speed things up, too - don't forget the safety glasses.