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Fuel pump upgrade

Caleb Roberts

New Member
March 20, 2017
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City, State
Oelwein, iowa
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2000, Moutaineer, 5.0L
i have a fuel pump going out in my 2000 5.0l moutaineer, question is can i upgrade to a better pump on stock setup with no issues or will i need to tune this. pump setup is walbro 255lph pump kit for 1999-2001 5.0l but was unsure if it would be more of a headache then its worth. i have a engine i plan on building for the mountaineer, but its stock as of now besides rear cat delete and x-pipe dual 2.5" exhaust with stock manifolds and spintech mufflers.
Thanks, Caleb​


Well-Known Member
August 10, 2015
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vancouver, wa
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01 explorer
Unless you're planning on forced induction just go with stock.


Hauls the mail.
Elite Explorer
June 17, 2004
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Knoxville, TN
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98 Limited AWD
You can install the pump you need now to save doing it again, the 255lt/hr isn't big enough to create any issues. No tune is required, the FPR lets the excess go back to the tank.

BTW, I just bought a 255 pump from HFP for my V6 99 truck. Theirs are supposed to be quieter, they have a better warrantee, lifetime, and it's $70 shipped on their site. Our pump is the smallest inlet, 3/8", part HFP-342. I'm going to put a 306 in my 99 later, but I have to drop the tank to clean out old gas now. I'm tossing the old pump for sure.

Here's a link to it