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Fuel Pump voltage on 94 Explorer


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September 27, 1999
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I am looking for the correct voltage at the fuel pump. When the key is first turned on the is 12 volts for a few seconds, After the pump relay kicks out there is still about 10 volts at the pump. I was wondering if this is normal. I just replaced a fuel pump and it only lasted about 10 miles. I was wondering if the low voltage could be the cause.

thanks for any input: mjk

I have a 94, I've been having fuel pump problems too. You know when you turn the key on you can hear the pump turn on? Well sometimes it won't turn on so it won't start. Dealer had it on the computer, it said that the pump was bad, so a new one was put in. But the problems still exists. I put in a pump relay switch, and still. It's weird because it will start no problem one minute and the next minute it won't. The original battery is in it. Looking at your post gave me an idea that maybe the old battery isn't giving it the voltage it needs to turn on? I'm running out of ideas too. The dealer can't figure it out either. Sorry for the long message but I thought it would be helpfull.