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Fuel Pump


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March 18, 2002
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Houston, Texas
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1994 XL
I have had a (I believe) fuel pump problem before. The problem has AGAIN become more constant. I replaced the fuel pump (the entire assembly because the float was not working and I therefore I had no idea of how much fuel I had) and everything seemed to be fine for a while.

Now the problems have begun again. More and more frequently the pump will not give that comforting humm and the engine will not start. I am curious about the wiring, but if it is the fuel pump again I am going to kick some A$$. I hate dropping the tank. Let me know if any of you share these problems or have any suggestions.

If it is the fuel pump AGAIN can I use an aftermarket pump of the frame rail and how how I change the plumbing in the tank.

Also, how far away can the pump be and what kind of work will I have to do to make this change? One last question...do I have to watch what pressure pump I get if I get an aftermarket or will my regulator take care of that? Thanks for all of the help.

P.S. No tests performed yet.


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November 19, 1999
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Brewster, NY
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1999 XLS
Try jiggling the FP relay in the box under the hood next time you don't hear the hum. If you hear the FP start while you are jiggling, means the contacts need to be cleaned or you relay is going bad. A lot simpler/cheaper fix than dropping the tank again!