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fuel system check console in a 1st gen...


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April 8, 2001
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'91 Sport MODIFIED!
Does anyone know if a console as in the pic can be installed in a 1st gen.('91)
Is it worth the effort. I like the way th gadgets look!:cool:


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Check out this link for pics:


I have done this in my first gen, just had to do a lot of research about wiring and such. Took me about 8 hours to get it all in, plus you need to add two addition sensors to the engine bay, one for the oil level, and one for the windshield washer fluid level. It can be done, but if your not comfortable with wiring, it can be a nightmare.

thanks for the 411 on this...it sounds like a "real push-up"...the wiring is just not my thing at all! The "gadget" part isn't woth it! The gas mileage sucks already and I don't need any morew reminders except the trips to the pum.!
I think that I'll stick with a ho'made console...it is primarily to accomodate the shifter for the T-5. It is real close to the front of the 1st gen console and conflicts with the beefr can in the cup holder when I drive!
Kinda reminds me of a joke...Do you know what the redneck said just before he tried to "fly his truck"..."here, hold my beer while i try this!"