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Fuel System Issue?

desirae adams

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August 5, 2018
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South Jersey
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94 Ford explorer xlt 4×4
94 Explorer xlt- I am having trouble somewhere in my fuel system. When under a half-tank of fuel, going 45mph+ my accelerator would just give out, completely unresponsive even with the pedal floored. I would have to come to a complete stop and take off to get it to work again. I checked my codes and got 172 and 176. My 'mechanic' advised me to replace the fuel pump before the o2 sensors, so I did. The issue I just described stopped, but codes 172 and 176 were still present after resetting the computer. I have added fuel cleaner to the gas. Mechanic still seems skeptical about replacing the o2 sensors. My acceleration is extremely weak, I feel as though I have to push the pedal way farther than I should have to to get her going. So my questions are: How can I tell if the sensors are bad by looking at them (the wires and connections are fine)? Is it possible my throttle cable is just loose or damaged, which is why I feel the way I do about the gas pedal?
Please bare with me, I'm still learning!

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Don't rule out the fuel filter as a restriction. Checking with a fuel pressure gauge will tell you if the pressure is ok and if it drops at higher rpm. The O2 sensors are indicating lean on both banks, check if it's true before replacing as they are not cheap.

Keep us informed as you go along please :)

I cleaned the MAF and replaced fuel filter and it cured my 172and 176
Maybe you will have similar luck