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Fuel Tank Interchange, 1st to 2nd gen?


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June 5, 2007
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2000 XLS
I have quite a few places where my fuel tank is leaking quite a bit that I haven't driven the Explorer in awhile, too much rust issues around these parts. I've seen more 1st gens with plastic tanks than metal. Will a 1st Gen 4door interchange with the 2nd Gen 4door? Wasn't sure if the fuel pump was the same as far sitting down in the tank or if I would run into issues there. I assumed they're pretty identical but not 100%

I'm not worried about the tank being possible to puncture easier because I have a skid plate and if a plastic one will work then I'll get a piece of steel to protect the front of the tank where its exposed.

metal tanks anger me ... My 89' ranger had a plastic tank, '00 Explorer...steel.

I was wondering just the opposite. I have 1 first gen with a very rusted seal around the fuel pump. The fuel pump lines were rusted and spewing gas everywhere. I have another 1st gen that seems a little better but i just put a new pump in the rusted tank not sure if I should swap tanks or just move the pump.

I do know in the "rusty" tank had a big piece of scale fall in while removing it so it should maybe be removed before I use it which makes me question it. :dunno:
The good tank is just as liable to have a rusty pump seal...

My dilemma aside I know that the fule pumps mount differently on a 1st and 2nd gen other than that the tanks LOOK the same. The first gens have a lock ring that turns and locks while 2nd have a bolt on fuel pump.

Because of this and the aftermarket availability of 2nd ten tanks, I thought about using a 2nd gen on my 1st but haven't found any results as to why this would or wouldn't work. I also haven't studied the connections or tank mounts, just a late night brainstorm. :salute: