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Fuel tank issue


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January 17, 2014
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2006 ford Explorer
I am starting to think that the 2006 explorer is the worst car ever built. I have had to replace 3 radiators, rebuild Transmission, Throttle body and now i am for the 3rd time having to have the fuel tank looked at again. I keep getting the fuel cap light and check engine light. The dealership appears unable to fix the problem. But at least it will let me pump gas into the tank without it shutting off every minute as it did the last time. Is anyone else having problems with water getting into the canister next to fuel tank. The Ford dealership has replaced all of the canisters and it is still filling up with water. The car is garaged at home and at work. This Explorer has made me not want to ever buy another Ford. I need advice on a fix for this fuel tank issue.

I would say that if you always get gas at the same place try filling up somewhere else for a while to see if it is coming from where you fill up.