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Fuel tank replacement with Gen2


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April 21, 2020
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1993 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I searched the forum, but couldn't find an answer, so:
Will a Gen2 (but still 4.0 OHV) fuel tank + pump will fit on my 1993, 4x4, 4 doors, Explorer? I can't find a fuel tank in my country, but there are some Gen2 up for scrapping.


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I think so
Tank from a 95-97 is your best bet because the fuel pumps and lines are similar to the 91-94
The frame and rear axle, fuel tank etc did not change much from 91-2001

The 2nd gen tanks are longer because they are made from steel and not shaped as compactly as the plastic 91-94's. The front section and the top devices are the main difference to work out. The front mount is located forward more on the frame, than the 95-01's. I gather the mount can be moved.

One of the top sensors(green) you might be able to use for the 1st gen's, that one I'm less sure of. I was going to use my old 93 tank in my 98 to make space for the shift motor of a BW4406 TOD, but I don't know now.

Here's a 93 and 98, both 4dr's(22 gallons each), side by side. Look closest at the top sensors, the 2nd gen sensors are not identical, and they added one at some point. Hopefully the old white tank device is just a vent, and it's the same as the newer green one. If so, you can fit the old hose to that easily, and the rear two are a direct match in size and length.


It looks like a Gen2 tank is my only option as I hate to abandon the Explorer. I'll wait for warmer weather and give it a try.

I guess we should have asked, why do you need a new fuel tank for your truck?

I have two trucks:
- one that works perfect
- one that is missing the front end (grill and headlamps) and, of course, the fuel tank
I don't want to take it to a scrap yard, I want to find a tank and make it running again.
The problem is that here, in Romania, I don't find 1st Gen to take the tank from it, but there are a few 2nd Gen up for parts.



Gotcha, that's tough and bad to hear how rare some things are.

I think the fuel line connections will be pretty close to a match in length, plus the sizes. The electrical connection might be a little different, but that is a minor thing if it's not identical.

I put a second gen tank in my 91, so I can tell you what it will take. It's not direct bolt in

That would help a lot!

In the first gen the rear strap will bolt right up.

The front is a totally different story. The factory 1st Gen front support has to be removed, which involves removing a few rivets in the frame. Then the 2nd gen brace can go in. Which you will have to drill at least one hole to mount. You can use one of the other rivet holes for a bolt.

This is just getting the tank in. The pump and return are different, I'm sure you know.

I only did this, to swap in a newer 2000 drivetrain.

I can post a picture if it will help

I installed a tank and mounts from a 1997 Explorer into the 1994 Explorer I had. Here is a picture of it with the body off of the frame.


Have you looked into using a fuel cell?

I have no idea what a fuel cell is. Can you tell me more about it?

A fuel cell for s a self contained tank. You see them in the trunks of race cars.

Oh, ok. Hmm... that could be a good solution. Right now this project is on stand-by as I try to finish the '89 Escort and some few repairs on the Explorer that works. I'm thinking about buying another Explorer (with the European ugly front end) in a couple of months and make 1 out of the 2. These last few days I really enjoyed my '93 Eddie Bauer in the snow.