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Wanted Fuel Tank Skid Plate

Parts or services wanted


November 13, 2007
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Taftville, CT
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1997 Explorer XLT
It appears that the fuel tank skid plate on my 94 explorer sport is disintegrating any one no where to find a replacement without blowing a months pay:us:

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I want to sell mine to save some weight but I'm sure that shipping would be a ton...

I want to sell mine to save some weight but I'm sure that shipping would be a ton...

Ditto here (I have one on the ground here) Shipping from Az to you would be murder.. Check the local yards. Must be < $50 there.. Shipping would be more than that.


junk yard or build one yourself? Cheapest would the the junk yard.

Shipping from AZ to CT would be a good bit, but from VA to CT wouldn't be much at all.

Shipping such things via FedEx ground is actually pretty cheap, especially if you stay within the Eastern US.

You can estimate shipping based on weight and the size of the box it might go in at the FedEx ground website, though the actual cost when you ship from one of their locations varies somewhat, and of course is more when you ship at some other place like FedEx/kinkos. Still way less than UPS for most things.

I have been surprised at how low Parcel Post rates are for some heavier/bulky items as well.

I say go junk yard. I got mine for $25 :p:

Go to the junkyard. Im sure there are plenty Explorers and the parts will be pretty cheap.

Cash for clunkers put a good number of them in the yards, unfortunately.

Fuel tank and skid plate with straps and all hardware for sale. Southern California car with virtually no rust. Willing to sell separately. I can crate the parts for shipment.,

PM me if interested.

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You just posted a for sale in a thread that’s been dead for 11 years. Hopefully they got their stuff figured out long ago.