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Full Console Inserts?


August 17, 2010
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Coloma, MI
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'99 XLS
Iv'e just recently put a full console in my 99 XLS, and Im loving it BUT, i know theyre are various inserts that go up front such as different cupholders, built in ash trays or fuel comps. My question for everyone is; Is there a list of all types that we can interchange? I dont know the exact model but rarely i have seen what looks to be a LARGE front pocket that turns into a single cupholder, I know its on newer fords, but expeditions?explorers? anything that'll fit the 95-01 full console. Thanks guys.

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The Eddie's and Limited's had a computer and cupholders.

The XL/XLS and XLT's had cubby storage and cupholders.

There were 2 styles of cupholders. '95-'96 had two small cupholders and an ashtray, and '97+ had one large and one small cupholder and a cigarette holder that holds a cell phone quite nicely.

All of them will snap into each other's places, but the comuter needs extensive wiring if your truck doesn't have one already.

The '01 Sport+ had a different setup, with a large opening vs. a cubby, but the pins do not line up to the older Gen 2 Ex console. Plus they are silver vs/ black.

This is what my 2000 XLT came with when I bought her.


Pretty spify, I've since installed a CB into the top cubby hole.

Actualli i found what i was looking for its the inserts from a 2001 or 2002 sport, in my 99 i already have the white gauges silver trim, i just painted the bezel and all to match, but i really would like the newer cupholder

The '01 Sport+ had a different setup, with a large opening vs. a cubby, but the pins do not line up to the older Gen 2 Ex console. Plus they are silver vs/ black.
Saw that afterwords, thanks Joe, I can make it work and that is the desired color but I bet I will have a hard time finding it


Same as a Sport Trac too. Can't buy it from Ford either..... I have at least 1 of every style. I'll send you a photo of the 1 like you want if you're interested in it.

Yes actually all iv'e seen are small pictures or through a window. Honestly don't know anyone with a 01-02 and managed to save a 01 dash out of an old garage in Jackson, MI. I've looked everywhere and cannot find the cubby or the bezel

See- glad that pic is up- if you look at the pic, see the clips labeled "HC1"

Those are where the differences are. The G2 Ex clips in underneath, and has "guides" there that just slide into the holes.

I think if you want that particular console section, you may need to swap the entire console. Seems odd why Ford changed that, because everything else on the console in exactly the same.

well there still is a small lip that is on the main console, that all pieces sit on correct? I'm sure it's doable, just gotta get one of them to figure out the way. I can honestly say this is the first thing on this forum I hadnt seen done yet. Guess im on my own on this one. Now to start the hunt

You can probably break off the clips and VHB it down or something, but it would be difficult to remove and would probably rattle like crazy. Plus the colors/rubberized coating wouldn't match.

it would match in mine, i already have the full dash surround thats silver and the matching gauges, i painted my radio bezel the exact same color but would opt to find a stock silver, if everything else was the stock pieces. I just think as far as mounting switches and options the newer ones could have a much cleaner look to them. Thanks again though guys for letting me know, i went into it thinkin PnP like everything else.

Here is the comparison of the two consoles. The tan is Explorer, the gray is a Sport Trac.