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Full Foot Notch, Version 3, Rockwells and more

well here starts the 3rd version of my truck, right now the 1ton HP D60 was pulled, and the guy paid me for it, and then i paid for front and rear rockwells

so here is the planned setup for this version

-1992 explorer
-4.0V6 (when the engine goes ill decide what goes in, 350k logged miles and still goin)
-carried over from the last setup, chucks SAS hanger kit, and 12" lift springs, which puts me at 19" for that

whats new:
-Front and rear 2.5 ton REO/Military Rockwell Axles, Ujoint style axles
-4" welded perch/stand in the front
-larger perches in the back to compensate for the smaller springs, also welded
-Oversized Ladder bar setup to eliminate any axle wrap
-crossover steering, with possible later addition of hydraulic ram assist
-36" shocks all around(specifically the pro comp 9000's, but if you do research, they are the exact same as the ranchos minus the rancho sticker)
-Wilwood wheel/Hub brake setup all around, with a soon the be fab'd custom hydraulic/cable hybrid parking brake
-20x10" 7"BS custom Steel rims
-either 12.5R20 or 385/80R20 tires, the first one is 41 tall, and the second one is 46" tall, the lift should clear 46s

-later on down the road it may be 4linked in the rear, but thats another $2k to get done

should :eek: :confused: :eek: :confused: :eek: people :)

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here is how the truck sits right now, should be the size of the truck rearward of mine, and i might buy that truck as a dedicated mud truck

Here is some eye candy from the shop, this is about the size of what the explorer should be once its done, but this ranger has a 460 under the hood, and the rear is 4 linked

your shop does some wicked stuff is your ex gonna be street legal?

Are you gonna flip the hubs? Pinion brakes or wheel brakes?

that shop would be the infamous Chucks Trucks ( www.chuckstrucks.net), they know their ish, between the three people in the shop, Piney, who has worked on REOs/M37s/military stuff for the past 25 years, Vance, the guy who pretty much is a master welder, and then Chuck, Suspension design and implimentation , they come up with some wicked stuff

"theoretically" my truck should be street legal, it will have hub/wheel brakes at all wheels, and crossover steering ,the hubs will be flipped out, so from wheel hub to hub mounting surface it would be 79.5", the tires are 12" wide, with a 7" backspacing, so after doing some quick math, it should be either 89.5 or 92 wide from the outside of the tire, and the minimum max is 96" (if its an 8.5ft highway its 102" max), so im barely legal, and most likely DOT, FHP and local county should prolly try to mess with me

the parking brake on this is going to be one that is adapted from another truck, is cool and inginuitive

That's going to be one wicked Explorer :D Good luck with the project :thumbsup:

Signing up for the progress report.

thanks, right now im waiting on the shipment of axles to come it, then it will be a fullsteam operation

originally i had this in the SAS page, but i guess since it was not a completed setup, they moved it over here

one of the things that i gotta look into is my PS pump, replaced the hi side hose(with a new assembly from Advance Auto Parts, and tightened up the low side hose, and i am still getting a drip, i have the teflon washers from ford in a tiny package in the truck, but im not sure of the exact location of the small and large washer, the haynes manual is vague, so i may replace the lowside and see what goes on from there, its a steady drip from what seems to be the drivers side, and it seems to somehow leak onto the framerail and down from there, so when i run the truck it drips out till its damn near empty, and i can do any steering till this leak is fixed cause it will dry the pump up if ya know what i mean

may also run a double Tcase setup for great gearing

i also need to find out if i can run a rear driveshaft on the front Tcase output cause of the length/strenth of it

and this is gonna be the small truck in the family :)

cant wait to see her when shes done

what do you mean small truck in the family? What other big ass rigs you got. I know I miss my last monster. '94 Burban on 44s and then before I sold it I put that ***** on 46s.

if ya look at hte picture of my truck on the jackstands, the truck behind it is on 49" tall rice and cane tires, and can clear 53's if i was bored, but one of the guys in hte local truck club is running a S10 with a 454 on 5tons and either 60 or 66" rice and canes

whats that f-150 got in it? Straight 6, 351, 460?

(pulled from chucks, NOT an ad)


$10,500.00 (Firm)


thats for more pictures and the details that i copied

that ranger is really big...cant wait to see your x sitting like that...maby you will be the first or one of the first to stuff a 460 in an x.....????

you bought that Ford from chucks. My dad had been looking at getting that for a mud truck.

i did not buy that ford, i want to, so that truck is still for sale, just to clarify things

yeah, that zuk is a strictly off road project, as for the 460 in an ex, the big Ex that has been seen before is running a 900hp 460 in it, i think it might have a little more power than that, but thats the last i had heard for power, but something about 1000hp out of the motor

well kiddy's looks like hopefully the rockwell axle shipment should be in monday, at which point a tiny bit of progress will be made

sold some of the stuff out of my garage of my 4x4 parts and all that, just sold a set of blazer leaf springs, front and rear for $150, and then a D44 axle housing and shafts for $25, so once i pay that 175 to i will only owe 460 on my bill, not bad considering that i started at a bill that was looking at $3595 for shop parts and labor, not bad for a college student with no job and a lot of ambition(and not a rich family), takin odd jobs and makin a profit on parts

funny thing is that i still have a lot of stuff to sell, full set of 39.5 rims and tires, D44 flattop knuckle and pair of steering arms, D44 8lug outters, then a D30 axle with springs and tires(looks like toddious might buy, todd, if you reading, get in touch with me to confirm everything), then another D44 axle with bald 38s, and then a 14 bolt rear axle with tires

so it looks like with some wheelin a dealin, i might be able to secure a M37 transfer case, for about $200, and then the "diaper kit" as we call it that goes around the case and mounts it, thats $380 right there, then i would be full 2.5 ton running gear, and double Tcase setup, in between trying to swap in a manual 1354 in place of my electric one and then a stub shaft out to the M37 case

god i miss my money, heh, have cash in hand, and goes straight to the 4x4 shop, i may be broke for a little bit, but its gonna be a bad MF'in truck

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what kind of GM parts do you have i have a el camino on a K5 Blazer frame i need a couple parts for ??