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Full Foot Notch, Version 3, Rockwells and more

well here starts the 3rd version of my truck, right now the 1ton HP D60 was pulled, and the guy paid me for it, and then i paid for front and rear rockwells

so here is the planned setup for this version

-1992 explorer
-4.0V6 (when the engine goes ill decide what goes in, 350k logged miles and still goin)
-carried over from the last setup, chucks SAS hanger kit, and 12" lift springs, which puts me at 19" for that

whats new:
-Front and rear 2.5 ton REO/Military Rockwell Axles, Ujoint style axles
-4" welded perch/stand in the front
-larger perches in the back to compensate for the smaller springs, also welded
-Oversized Ladder bar setup to eliminate any axle wrap
-crossover steering, with possible later addition of hydraulic ram assist
-36" shocks all around(specifically the pro comp 9000's, but if you do research, they are the exact same as the ranchos minus the rancho sticker)
-Wilwood wheel/Hub brake setup all around, with a soon the be fab'd custom hydraulic/cable hybrid parking brake
-20x10" 7"BS custom Steel rims
-either 12.5R20 or 385/80R20 tires, the first one is 41 tall, and the second one is 46" tall, the lift should clear 46s

-later on down the road it may be 4linked in the rear, but thats another $2k to get done

should :eek: :confused: :eek: :confused: :eek: people :)

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fuel cell on the body cage, or split under the bench set upfront, kinda like those mtx thunderform sub boxes.

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? , not to sound rude but that sounds like it came out of left field, i dont have a body cage nor a front bench seat

im sorry, i was thinkin that this was for a ranger. I take it back, couldnt you mount the fuel cell in the rear cargo area?




(still gotta do steering, ladder bars, transfer case)

scary thing, the truck sits at the same height, but before it was 39.5 and now those are some tiny transport tires, like the size ya might find on a light truck, smaller than a 31, prolly a 28,29

great valentines day for me(my truck is my valentines :) )

looking pimp, cant wait to see it finished up!!

just ordered the brake bracket kit for this along with new boots and clamps, little bit closer to gettin done

Now I know nothing about rockwells but are those blocks under the leaf springs? Or is that just how the rockwell suspension mounts? And if they are blocks why are you using them with rockwells?

its not a block like a normal suspension, it is a perch, and it is welded(or technically should i say soon to be welded since we are still tuning the suspension), its perfectly safe since it is properly done

more for the photo houre's , draglink is now on the truck, but they gotta weld the crossover arm but that should be on soon






Man mount the leafs down on the tubes. With 6.72 gears and huge ass tires you are gonna get a **** load of axle wrap!

That's why he's making ladder bars. Looking good.

yep, some reallllllllll beefy ladder bars, even with the springs on the axle, cause of the mass and all that you can still get some axle wrap, so most any truck with rockwells is going to get ladder bars to limit wrap all together, but the design limites articuation, but its made for mud so thats no prob

If you dont mind me asking, what are you doing for money? selling drugs? i am a college student with 3 1/2 jobs and can barely support a 2 wheel drive truck as a daily driver let alone fix my ex! I am on my own and payin a bunch of bills though which doesnt help. :fire:

im a college student too, its called bustin my ass doing side jobs and odd jobs and all that, pretty much being poor all the damn time cause of the truck, its all in how bad you want something, that you will find a way to make the money or upgrade jobs and make more money

anyone know of a stock gas tank that might work for between the frame rails on the rear, where the stock tire still is :) , i think i heard something bout a ranger backup/reserve tank, lemme know

A Bronco II tank would work for you. It sits too low in my Ex, but under yours... I hardly think you'll have a problem at all!!;)

Here's a pic:


hey rick, do you happen to have the dimensions for the bronc 2 gas tank, cause i was lookin at gastanks.com and it says the 95 2dr tank is 44.5x16.5x13.75, and i need about a foot off the 44.5 length for that case to fit in, but i know one of the measurements was off a little, and something about having to have a body lift to get it to fit, but if the bronc 2 gas tank would work, that would save me sooooooo much money

hey rick, how exactly did you mount it, IE straps, bolted in crossmember???, i think you know what im tryin to ask

I never mounted it. That photo was as close as I ever got. I was afraid it would kill my departure angle and I would wind up bashing it all the time. The shape of the tank lets it tuck up in the frame rails pretty tightly. I think a set of straps would have worked fine to mount it, but it would have needed a full steel skid plate for protection.

Sorry no dimensions... Fortune410 may have one laying around that he could measure.

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Here's my only other shot of it: