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full led headlights and front grille Ford Explorer 17


July 14, 2018
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16 explorer xlt
Sorry, no idea what that means. Why not just provide a link to the video??

I forgot I could supply \ access Instagram stuff from the web. I thought I was going to have to download the video on my phone, upload it to youtube for you then share it out....luckily you dont.

Scroll down a few sets of images and you'll see it. Im itching to retrofit the explorers stock ligh myself but because the housings are still so expensive I haven't yet. Looking at about $600-$700 per headlight. Plus a a few hundred for your projector setups, plus painting, wiring harnesses, etc. $1500-$2000 project.

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Cheapest headlights I found for my mustang was $500 per headlight and it took months of waiting and searching ebay for half decent ones.Once you get around to real lighting, like a proper clear lens HID setup, its hard to use anything else subpar.