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Full range sound through Factory Sub

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September 27, 2010
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'03 EB
So this week I finally found why my audio sound strong in the back of the x. Turns out the factory sub is acting like a regulat speaker sending full signal through it. I had bought a kenwood ddx616 http://outlet.crutchfield.com/p_613DDX616/Kenwood-DDX616.html?search=ddx616&tp=20217
and the harness that supports the factory subwoofer http://www.crutchfield.com/p_120705517/Receiver-Wire-Harness.html?tp=2977
I guess i assumed that this would mean that the new head unit would only send sub signal through the preamp sub outputs, but I can hear full signal coming through it. Besides replacing the amp and sub, can I make the factory sub/ amp only send lower frequencies. Is there a crossover behind the plastic that I need to adjust.

Any advise would be welcome.

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You'll need to go into the menu settings for the preamp outputs on the head unit, and there should be either a setting that makes them sub-only outputs, or an internal crossover or low-pass frequency cutoff that you can adjust.

The factory sub/amp probably just provides power and doesn't have a crossover or anything, otherwise it would only output bass regardless of the frequences fed into it.

alright I'll look into those settings again, i thought i had it set to its lowest setting at 40hz but i might have accidentally reset it if my battery died. Thanks for the advise.

Wow i didn't realize the hu was capable of having a crossover for the front, rear, and sub woofer all separately. so the fronts were set but the rears and sub were set for full range. Thank you for the advise i needed it

I have the same issue - my Preout is set to Subwoofer, which should only send the lower frequencies, yet it still seems to be running full range. Quite annoying, as it ruins the bass output. The HU has high pass and low pass filters, but I think it only applies those settings to the door speakers, not the subwoofer.

Any ideas? Kenwood DPX303.

Are you sure you can't change the x'over for each set of speakers on my kenwood I can set a x'over for the front, back and sub woofer all separately.

Actually, I must have had something set wrong. I changed a couple things, and the low pass filter works for the sub. It sounded better, until the sub started to blow...oh well.