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full tune help


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September 13, 2015
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long beach ,california
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1994ford explorer limited
I have a 1994 ford explorer limited I came to this site for some advice about my explorer I have a friend that said if I get all the parts he would do a major tune up for me for a 130 dollars and I would have to get all the stuff for the full tune up but what do I need to get? if some one could give me a list of all the things I need for a full tune up that would be great I don't know much about cars

I know I need oil spark plugs and wires fuel and oil filter but I don't know what else I need I just want to make sure I get everything since I am paying for it to get done


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November 3, 2013
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North Idaho
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1991 & 1994 Explorers
That seems high for friend prices...

I'd say that tuneup should include changing of all fluids (as long as you buy them). If yours is a 4x4 that would be front & rear differential, transmission, transfer case, coolant, power steering, engine oil and most importantly windshield washer fluid :D

Aside from spark plugs & wires, he should do a KOEO & KOER test to ensure there's no issues the computer knows about. Then, clean the MAF, change PCV, new air filter, new heater & radiator hoses, new serpentine belt (check the pulleys too), clean the throttle body, jack the front end up and check suspension & steering parts (ball joints, radius arm bushings, steering linkage), check front & rear brakes (maybe bleed them too)...

That's about all I can think of for now. I doubt you'll get your friend to do ALL of that but that's what I would do if it were a new-to-me vehicle.