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Full Width 8.8 w/ Disc?


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October 10, 2006
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Wall Township, New Jersey
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1991 EB 4dr
Hey, I'm helping a buddy with an axle swap on a Jeep YJ to learn a little more before I try and do something similar with the Ex, but I have one question. I've searched, and I know they make a full width 8.8 found in F-150's and such, but do any of them come with disc brakes?

So far, what I'm about to purchse for him is this:

HP Dana 44-
-Late 70's Ford (Seller does not know exact year or model)
-Leaf Sprung
-Driver Side Pumpkin
-Detriot Locker
-4.10 R&P
-66" WMS to WMS
-5 on 5 1/2 Wheel Bolt Pattern
-35" Spring pad to Spring Pad

So in the end, I need an axle with a similar WMS to WMS measurement. The Full Width 8.8 I am under the Impression is 65.5" WMS to WMS, with a 5x5 1/2 Wheel Pattern. If I could snatch one of these up with Stock 4.10's and discs, my friend would love me, haha.