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For Sale Full width SAS starter kit- Lexington KY

Unfortunately I am getting rid of my SAS parts collection due to....well, a lot of reasons. I would like to trade for a superlift kit for 96-01 explorers or I could sell it off. I would like to sell everything as a whole if at all possible. Here is what I have.

-77 HP dana 44 stripped down, painted black-i have all the parts to said axle but only the housing itself is painted, never got to the rest. there are two bolts that snapped off during disassembly- one on a caliper bracket and one on a orig RA.

-Orig RA's and shafts

-Cage Offroad 5.5-6" lift kit for 70's f150-NOS. beefy! tubular RA's brackets and heims. dual 12'" shock kit all parts are grey except the heims, bolts, and dana 60 weld on brackets(black) just a little fab work to get them to work on the 44 or Duff has the wedge brackets avail. still in boxes, but the boxes are beat to hell from moving.

-Solid axle ind d44 diff cover-new

-D44 mini spool-new

-D44 4:10 r+p and carrier-used

-Superwinch hubs-NOS

-94 f150 8.8 w/ factory 3:55 ratio

-4- 16x8" steel white wagon wheels- used

+more I will add tonight with a price.


i guess it would be ridiculous to ask what i have invested?;)
i have $1300 in it all but shoot me an offer, worst i can say is no.

......So who wants to trade up from a superlift to a SAS??....

waiting for a price here :D

Do you have any pics of the stuff? Are those the Cage extended radius arms?

Do you have any pics of the stuff? Are those the Cage extended radius arms?

i dont think i have pics, i will check my computer, but i can take some if not.

and yes they are the tubular extended radius arms. they are the same as the james duff Stage 3 Tubular Long Travel Radius Arms but grey instead of blue.

i wont be able to get pics until monday or tuesday the 12th as i am on vacation.