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Fun with Car Max


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February 11, 2016
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2017 Sport Shadow 401A
I waited a week while the 2017 Sport I ordered was being trucked from another state, then drove it a week before the dreaded Terrain Management System Fault popped up. I called Car Max four times over five days. The service department never picked up and never returned any of my messages. I finally stopped by and told them what was going on. The nice service tech apologized and said that he would give feedback to the person who is in charge of listening to messages and returning phone calls.

He had a loaner ready for me the next day, and when I went back in to exchange vehicles, he said that my service had been scheduled in three weeks. So I'm driving a loaner for three weeks while my Sport sits on their lot.

I'm still getting over the b.s. of dealing with my last mechanic, so I'm looking at the bright side: I'm not paying thousands of dollars for the issue to be fixed, I'm not paying for an Uber to and from work every day while I'm waiting, and minor bonus I'm not putting premium gas in the loaner.