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Funky brake noise


November 5, 2008
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Calhoun, KY
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1994 XLT
I had my X in 4wd a few days ago since an ice storm decided to do a drive-by on us here in Kentucky. As I came to a stop I could heard this whirring noise when I pressed on the brake pedal. It sounded kinda like "roww, roww, roww". Take the word "ouch"...add an "r" to the beginning of the word....then take out the "ch". It doesn't do it every time I hit the brake....just now and again. I could feel a slight pulsing in the brake pedal also.

Any ideas on what this is....or is my X possesed? Do I need a mechaninc, or do I need an old priest and a young priest for the exorcism?:D

Could be brake pads... their life might be coming to an end. Or the rotor is very thin or possibly warped.

Get down there and have a look.

Come to think of probably is the rotors. I had new brake pads put on the front when I got my X and the mechanic told me the rotors were worn. Looks like another trip to Autozone! I don't care though....I love my X!!!

IF the brake peddle is pulsing then it sounds like ABS (anti-lock brake system) kicking in. ABS normally kicks in when coming to a quick stop on a slippery surface and one wheel is traveling faster than the other. When the ABS computer detects a wheel is about to lock up it it pulses the brakes on that wheel via the HCU (hydraulic control unit) to allow the wheel to continue to rotate which give you control. This could be the noise and feeling you have.