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Fuse 28(Radio) has no power to it.


March 9, 2009
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Portsmouth, VA, USA
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03 Explorer XLT
My radio doesn't work. After searching through a ton of threads, I'm still clueless, as:

A. Windows work.
B. Accessory delay works.
C. All interior lights work.
D. Everything else that is tied to the ignition that I can find works.

Every other thread I can find has ties to those items.

So does anyone have some detailed electrical schematics?
I'm a electronics engineering tech by trade, not having electrical stuff working is more hurt pride than annoyance.

Also, does anyone make a radio delete kit? If it's too much work track down I don't want the damn radio as a reminder =P Plus it'd be a great place for 30 usb port to charge everything =P

My 04 Explorer Wiring Diagrams depict the audio unit uses two 12 volt supplies plus a battery input for a total of 3.

In the Central Junction Box (below the dash):
Fuse 28 is Hot in START.
Fuse 2 is Battery, hot at all time.

In the Battery Junction Box:
Fuse 6 (60 amp) provides power to the accessory delay relay.
Power from the relay feeds power windows but a line splits off and goes to audio but not before it feeds through a 6 Amp Thermistor located in the Central Junction Box.

Maybe the Thermistor is your problem.

I'm trying to see where the "thermistor" is and what a thermistor is used for in a power circuit, the ones I'm familiar with are usually used as temp sensors
Also is that going to FUSE 3 on the CJB? It has power on both sides.
(edit: I found the "thermistor" or PTC Circuit breaker on the audio diagram. Look that up a bit. The confusion was mine, and I learn something new, so it's a good day. That will get looked into tomorrow. But it's not related to fuse 28 but it could fix my issue.)

I managed to find electrical diagrams. Fuses 28 and 29 both have no power to them. On the electrical diagrams I've found from a reputable source, and also stated in the oweners manual, It looks like Fuse 28 draws power from fuse 29 in the central junction box. Fuse 29 looks to be dead on both sides. It's an odd angle. It looks like it draws power from through the ignition switch.

It also looks like F29 plays into the starting circuit, but The explorer starts fine so I could be seeing things, I'm a little too big to fit in that spot well.I'm going to pull it tomorrow and check the terminals.

I'm seeing source to F29 in the CJB as the ignition switch and F23 in the BJB.

Potentially unrelated, but maybe relevant. Last year while switching out my blend door, I found the worlds worst remote ignition kill devices in the world, Cobbled together with butt splices, electrical tape and 40' of wire. Not kidding on the wire it sat on my passenger seat for a few days of research and head scratching. it was spliced into a red wire on the ignition switch so that's been fixed but there might be other surprises in store. Radio has been up til last week.

I thankfully was the one that remove the factory stereo and used the right wiring harnesses with solder and heatshink vs one vehicle I bought where it was electrical tape.

The question is how the power is getting to those fuses and how far down the rabbit hole I need to go.