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Fuse #41 hego vmv cms ptec keeps blowing


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July 7, 2010
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2002 Ford Explorer
Having some trouble figuring this one out. I have an 02 explorer with v6. The fuse for the hego and etc. blew about 4 weeks ago. put a new one in and away i go till 2 days a go and the it blew after i driven it all day. put a new one in and the yesterday after driving for half the day it blew again and again and again. i just turn the key on and turn it and it blows out again. I would assume i have a short some where but dont know where to start. any help would be tremendously appreciated. its the only car for the family right so im in a big pinch. thanks


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Sounds like the 02 sensor wiring may have rubbed into the exhaust and melted the insulation over time. I would start there. You should have 4 sensors to check out.

thanks. im not familiar with where those are located. would you be able to give me locations to look for those.

Found 2 burnt in half wires to an o2 sensor and it was grounding it out. unplugged it and it starts. looks like its going to be hades to get out due to the rust. thanks

this site has helped me out enormously with my explorer. this is just the first time i ever had to post a thread. ive always found threads to the problems i had before..

I knew you'd find it. Good deal.

If it was me I would crimp connect the wires back together first. You may have no further damage.

Oh, and be sure to route the wiring away from the exhaust.

Mine just blew for the first time. Bought 5 replacements just in case. Wondering how long until it blows again. Will have to check out those sensor wires now I guess.

anyone got a diagram for the o2 sensors?
I know this is an old post, but I am wondering, when this fuse blew, did it kill power to the fuel pump, or do something that stops the fuel pump and also the gas gauge from working as well? Did this bad fuse keep the engine from starting?