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Solved Fuse and relay locations--2nd generation power distribution box Layout-

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I think this is a good sticky candidate--

Fuses are listed here

* = maxi fuse

1*=50A I/P fuse panel
2*=40A blower motor relay
3*= 50A 4 wheel ABS module
4*=20a Main light switch-Instrument cluster
5*=50A Ignition switch, starter relay

6*=20A Transfer case relay
8*=20A Auto Ride Control Switch/on off switch
9*=40A Auto Ride Control relay
10*=30A PCM power relay

mini fuses
1=10A A/C relay
2=20A Aux power point
3= not used
4=15A Fog lamps-Daytime lamps
5=10A Air Bag diagnostic monitor
6=10A Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
7=30A 4WABS module
8=30A PCM relay
9=20A Fuel Pump relay and RAP module
10= 15A Horn relay
11=15A Park Lamp relay-Main Light Switch
12=30A Main light switch--Multi Function switch
13=15A Heated O2 sensors, EGR Vacuum Regulator, EVR solenoid,Camshaft position (CMP) Sensor,
Cannister Vent Solenoid, A4LD Auto Transmission
14=30A Generator-Voltage regulator

Interior fuse panel (mini fuses)

1=7.5A Power mirror switch
2=7.5A Blower motor relay,PAD module,Air Bag diagnostic monitor
3=7.5A Trailer tow connector
4=10A Left headlamp
5=10A Data link connector (DLC)
6=7.5A Air bag diagnostic monitor, Blower motor relay, Passive deactivation Module (PAD)
7=7.5A Trailer Tow connector
8=10A Right headlamp, Daytime running lamps (DRL) module, Foglight relay
9=7.5A Stop Lamp switch
10= 7.5A Speed control-amplifier assembly,Brake pressure switch, Generic electronoc Module (GEM)
Shift lock actuator, Blend door actuator, Main light switch, RABS resistor, A/C heater assembly
11= 7.5A Instrument cluster, Main light switch, RABS resistor
12= 10A Power window relay, Washer pump relay
13= 20A Stop lamp switch, Brake pressure switch
14= 20A Rear Anti Lock Brake system (RABS) module
**10A 4WABS module**

15=7.5A Instrument cluster
16= 30A Windshield wiper Motor, Wiper Hi-lo relay, wiper run/park relay
17=7.5A Cig lighter
18=15A Drivers unlock relay-All unlock relay
19=25A PCM power diode
20=7.5A RAP module GEM module, Radio
21=15A Flasher (hazard)
22=20A Aux power socket
23=15A Turn signals
24===not used
25= 7.5A GEM module, Instrument cluster
26= 10A Battery saver relay, Electronic Shift relay, Interior lamp relay
Power window relay,Electronic shift control module, transmission control
27=15A Switch,DRL, Backup lamp switch, DTR sensor,Instrument illumination dimming control module
Dome/map lamp, GEM,electronic shift,Interior lights,Glove box lamp and switch
28=7.5A GEM module-Radio
29= 15A Radio
30=15A Park lamps, trailer Tow relay
31===not used
32=10A rear blower
33=15A Headlamps, DRL module, Instrument cluster
34=7.5A Rear integrated control panel, CD
35=10A RABS test connector
36=7.5A CD, rear integrated control panel, memory seat, Message center


explorer power dist panel.jpg

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Description of the fuses?


There are two boxes for 95-01's, my 99(narrower) is different than my 98 model.

the later ones have the starter solenoid built into them dont they? The 96-95 has the fender mounted solenoid

the 98 Mounty I parted out had a diff box so I think its 95-96 are same,. 97+ diff

The 99 starter solenoid is on my starter. The number of fuses and relays is similar, but my 98 harness had more odd relays elsewhere under hood.

I put it in the List of Useful Threads :thumbsup:


Thanks sense blower motor works then I will need to begin checking out these do-hickies.

I don't trust autozone's diagram's-if you look in the 98 explorer for example it mentions a WOT relay.
there is no such thing as a WOT relay, in a 2nd gen explorer anyway. lol

I know that their diagrams are from Alldata. I guess any company could have printing mistakes. I saw in other threads quotes from Haynes, and Chilton manuals stating wrong bolt torque values, and relay, sensor, and battery locations.

If you guys with 95,96,97,99,00,and 01 owners manuals could please scan and post the same in here, or email them to me-I'd sure appreciate it:thumbsup:
Not to sound picky,(I am) but I don't want anything from an on line source here-I don't really trust them.

There are differences from year to year-and I think this would be very helpful.


Before I walk -all the way to my truck- and grab it, scan it, -walk all the way back- and put it back, is there anything else you would want scanned while it is here?
\I'll delete these posts also-trying to keep this info tidy:D

can someone scan in a pic and add description of the power dist. box and interior fuse box for 95 and 96 xlt thanks ahead of time

Here ya go:




I have read this post and thought I figured out my problem on my 1999 Explorer. However, when I plug my trailer lights into it my 3rd brake light comes on right away when I have the head lights on, and I have no left side blinkers or brake lights on my trailer but both tail lights work. Does anyone know why this could be happening? Any quick info would be great since I need to use my trailer in about 12 hours. Thanks in advance.

Do the explorer's lites work fine when the trailer harness is NOT plugged in? If so, it sounds like something is shorting in the harness only. Or maybe even a mismatched harness? Seems like the tail lites are shorting to your 3rd break lite some where in there, and break/blinkers are not even reaching the trailer. Do the explorers signals/break lites work w/ the harness plugged in and headlamps off? This just seems like a bad harness, or improper harness installation.

Thanks for the reply jwrezz. It was really odd on how i got it fixed, I had to replace the #7 fuse, which was blown, and that got me to the problems that I explained in the above post. I then took the wiring off the tow dolly and started over, since everything seemed to work great at the pigtail on the Explorer. I found some bad spots in the wiring on the dolly so I replaced that and still had no brake lights or turn signals on the right side with the headlights on. Just on a thought I replaced the right 1157 bulb on my dolly and now everything works great. There was also a bad ground so I got a better ground and everything is good. Thanks again for the reply.

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