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fuse box & fuses


December 31, 2017
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Bloomingdale, GA
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1999 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I have a question about the fuses in a 1999 explorer 4.0L SOHC. Was there more than one power distribution box for that year? I am asking because the only diagram I can find is this one. The second row of large fuses are for adaptive suspension, suspension module, 4WD and PCM.
The Exolorer my son has isn't 4WD and doesn't have adaptive suspension... He does however, have that row of fuses... what are they for on a 2WD non adaptive suspension vehicle? The fuses do have contacts that plug into

The fuses were probably just installed at the factory whether it has the feature or not. Your diagram looks pretty much identical to the one for my '98, that I took from the owner's manual and put into the following pic so I could have it printed out all on one page:

fuses & relays.png