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Fuse Keeps Blowing Every Time I Turn On The Key.


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May 29, 2007
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Pocomoke City, Maryland
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94 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4
Hi I got a 94 ford explorer xlt 4x4 3inch body lift 31/10.50/15 tires. And my turn signal's do not work it keeps blowing the fuse everytime I turn on the key. And when the fuse blows turn signal's are out rear defrosters are out,heater is out,& back up lights are out. Checked all bulbs all work. Can some one plz help me fine out why it keeps blowing fuses? :exp:

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Check the wiring for areas where the insulation may have been rubbed off. It sounds like you have a direct short somewhere.

BTW: All Caps is NOT necessary

i would start tracing all of your wires in the dash and around your fuse box theres obviously a short in there somewhere.

Mine did the same thing before I installed my body lift then it went away. Gotta be a short time to break out the wiring diagrams.

min did the same thing i went to wallmart and got some auto motive wire and re did eveything that did not work right

<-- agrees with MustangP51. During the lift installation or off-roading activities, something could have damaged a wire causing it to short somewhere. Make sure those wires are protected.